About Us

What we do.

Since the start in 2007 our goal has been to create high-quality 360° virtual tours within new innovative areas. Our projects range from 360 interior panoramas of entire cities, interactive training solutions for aircrews, presentation of hotels and conference centers, residential presentations, etc. We have spent a lot of time developing our simple and easy to use web interface used to navigate our virtual environments.

Our web solutions have been developed entirely from the ground up with some variations to suit specific needs of our customers. We take a lot of pride in our product, and are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve.



Using a combination of high resolution 360 degree photography and photo editing, we are able to create seamless, clear and life-like virtual environments. To ensure you have the best experience possible, our web
applications operate in full screen for whatever applications needed. In addition, our web interface is entirely touch screen compatible meaning they all work on mobile tablets.


Unique Concepts.

Our concept CityFinder (www.cityfinder.se) was the world’s first indoor mapping solution where an entire city (Stockholm) interior sights and activities were presented with 360 degree images and factual texts (more than 2000 restaurants, cafes, museums, hotels, night clubs, gyms etc.)

Another world unique concept which is based on our 360 technology is Virtual eTraining Software (www.virtualetraining.com), that provide virtual training environments that are currently used among others in the
area of international flight training. This concept has already won international awards for its excellence and usefulness in different areas within online learning.


pic2 Commitment.

You are very important to us and our main concern is always customer satisfaction. When developing our virtual
environments we make sure that they satisfy your specific needs and integrate well with your company and graphical profile. We live by the motto that nothing is impossible and we love technology challenges and innovative requests from our customers.


We want the viewing of our virtual tours to be as easy as possible. A recent development we have made is the compatibility with iPhone and iPad. With this feature, users can view our virtual tours anywhere. This has become especially popular without real estate customers when showing their properties. Our developers are constantly working to overcome new technological barriers so that we can remain the leading provider of innovative and interactive 360 degree images on the market.


In addition to our virtual tour concepts we also provide professional still and 360° object photography, film production, 3D modeling, HTML5 & Flash programming and graphic design. Our team of photographers and film producers will do anything to make your objects look as good as possible. Our unique perspective of environments is what separates us from others.