• cityfinder_screen Cityfinder – Stockholm - Cityfinder is a web based interactive map that allows you to discover your city’s offerings and attractions such as hotels, cafes, museums, and much more. The map “Cityfinder Stockholm” is designed to be used as a local guide to Stockholm residents, as well as a guide for tourists and business travellers to explore the city. In addition, the map will also be used to present the local area in residential sales.1
  • cosmopol_screen Casino Cosmopol – Stockholm - The Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm is one of Sweden’s biggest entertainment venues including poker rooms, restaurants, and several bars. They requested a system that customers could use navigate through the different areas of the casino. In addition to their website, this interface is also set up on several touch screens at the entrance of the casino, ensuring their customers find exactly what they are looking for.View Demo 2
  • royalv_screen Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel - Radisson blu Royal Viking Hotel in Stockholm offers you a luxury hotel experience to remember. Photo Concept was commissioned to produce a unique, informative, and user friendly web solution for the presentation of the hotel’s large conference area. The result was a 3D-rendered conference map with virtual tours, text boxes, and interest being built together to an exclusive booking experience.View Demo 3
  • ekerum_screen Ekerum Campground – Öland - Ekerum’s Campground is one Sweden’s most modern and relaxing facilities. Located on Öland, the areas natural surroundings will guarantee a great camping experience. Photo Concept provided a 3D interactive map integrated with our virtual tours. With this interface, users can select different spots around the campground to see all the accommodations available.View Demo 4
  • novair_screen Novair – Seat Booking - As a result of a new advertising campaign, Novair wanted a web solution that showcased their airplanes for customers. Using a combination of virtual tours and a custom designed interface, users can navigate through the plane and see exactly what they get when purchasing a ticket. Still photographs were also taken to show the best features of their airliners.  View Demo 5
  • salen_screen Skistar – Sälen - SkiStar owns and operates ski resorts in Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen in Sweden, and Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway. Our goal was to show SkiStar clients the wide range of accomodations offered in both Sweden and Norway.  View Demo 6
  • tuifly_screen TUI fly Nordic - Fritidsresor’s airline Tui Fly Nordic needed a solution which could show their customers the bookable seats within their aircraft. With our web interface, customers can wander the airplane seeing exactly how much space they are getting in each class.  View Demo 7
  • vemdalen_screen Skistar – Vemdalen - SkiStar owns and operates ski resorts in Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen in Sweden, and Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway. We created this interactive 3D map where users can explore the different mountains of the resort. By clicking on the different map points, you can then view several virtual tours of that area.  View Demo 8
  • trysil_screen Radisson Blu – Trysil - The Radisson Blu Hotel in Trysil, Norway is a newly built first class resort located right on the slopes. Photo Concept was asked to show the best features of their hotel. The virtual tours we provided truly show that they spared no expense at making this place incredible.  9